A really thin self-heating insole for every type of shoes and boots, perfect for keeping your foot warm.

Duration: 8+ hours

Sku: RWAR0002

Barcode: 8033355780282

Price: € 3,50

daily use
Temperature 39° Package 1pz
Duration 8h Size single
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Product description

A thin self-heating insole for shoes of all kinds, ideal for keeping your feet warm


If heavy socks aren’t enough, these warmers are for you! It is suitable for everyone: sportsmen, parents who accompany their children to school, university students or fans at the stadium.

Lots of benefits

The warmers are made of 100% natural material and you can dispose of them with municipal waste!
Plus they don’t contain harmful chemicals. All warmers are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless to ensure you all the warmth you need without any side effects.


Instructions for Use

PFirst, open the package and remove the foot warmer which, in contact with the air, will begin to heat up.
Wait a few minutes.
The insole is ready to be inserted into any type of footwear.


Mustn’t apply directly to the skin but insert it inside the shoe!


Find out more about all the advantages of those small but useful warmers that will help you during those cold days

Playing outdoor sports is no longer a problem

Not even the cold can discourage you thanks to our Foot Warmers! If you want to jog or practice your favorite sport in the open air, you can keep your feet warm with our insoles. Open the package, take out the Foot Warmers and put them in your shoes.

You can also use them in your free time or at work

On particularly cold days, even going to work or university can bring some inconvenience. First of all, having frozen feet and not being able to warm them!
Here are the Foot Warmers! You can use them at any time, even during a long walk, or an afternoon at the stadium: the heat lasts 8H!

Also designed for professionals

Many professionals have already chosen our Foot Warmers. Mountaineers, expert skiers but not only. The cold can in fact negatively affect your performance! To avoid this, you need to move smoothly and precisely. The warmth of our Foot Warmers is a fundamental ally to stem the effects of the harsh climate on your performance!