The warmer made for protecting your hand from cold temperatures. Perfect for motorcyclists, cyclists, fishermen and skiers or those who are outdoors with frigid temperatures; perfect for those who suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome.

Duration: 10 hours

Sku: RWAR0001

Barcode: 8033355780244

Price: € 2,00

daily use
Temperature 65° Package 2pz
Duration 10h Size Single
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Product description

Made of small dimension, it’s perfect to be inserted into your gloves or pockets of your clothes.


We know which problems are caused from cold to your hands: chilblains, uncomfortable feel while going out for a walk, or maybe problems by working or doing sports.

That’s the reason why Hand Warmer were made!
Those warmers are the right solution to your problems.

Lots of benefits

The warmers are made of 100% natural material.

Eco friendly

You can dispose of them with municipal waste. Plus they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Practical and safe

All warmers are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless to ensure you all the warmth you need without any side effects.

How are they used?

First, open the package and remove the hand warmer which, in contact with the air, will begin to heat up. Wait a few minutes. The hand warmer is ready to be placed in gloves or pockets.


Find out more about all the advantages of those small but useful warmers that will help you during those cold days

Made for everyday life

Spending time outside the home in cold weather can be really difficult, especially when you suffer from chilblains on your hands or other discomfort. Cold can also be a problem indoors, for example at work or at university.
But why let the cold prevent us from moving our hands as we want?

Here are the Hand Warmers! You can use them at any time, both on short and long journeys: the heat lasts 10H.

Optimize your performance with warmers

If you are a sportsman who loves challenges and you want to reach yours
best results, don’t be put off by the cold!

You can put the two practical warmers in your gloves or pockets, without giving up the things you love. Whether it’s mountaineering, fishing or any other sport, low temperatures will no longer be a problem!

Suitable for adults and children

Cold is also a problem for children. But what to do for them? If your children suffer from the cold on the way to school or during winter walks, you can put the Hand Warmers in their gloves.

Even the little ones can use these warmers, there is no unwanted effect!