Toe Warmer
A thin self-heating insole for shoes and boots of all kinds, ideal for keeping your feet warm at any temperature

Duration: 9 hours

Sku: RWAR0020


Price: € 2,50

daily use
Temperature 42° Package 2pz
Duration 9h Size Single
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Product description

The toe warmers are very thin warmers with a rounded and adhesive tip to be inserted in footwear of all types, both male and female.


Thanks to its small size it can be used for any shoe, even small size.

Lots of benefits

The warmers are made of 100% natural material and you can dispose of them with municipal waste!
Plus they don’t contain harmful chemicals. All warmers are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless to ensure you all the warmth you need without any side effects.

Toe Warmer

Instructions for Use

First, open the package and take out the toe warmer which, in contact with the air, will begin to heat up.
Wait a few minutes.
Remove the adhesive film and adhere the foot warmer to the outside of the sock.


Mustn’t apply directly to the skin but insert it inside the shoe!


Find out more about all the advantages of those small but useful warmers that will help you during those cold days


Coldness in the feet or toes is a very common annoyance, but easily solved! Thanks to their small size and ease of use, the toe warmers can be used at any time of the day. They are perfect in any type of footwear, both male and female.

You can use them in the city, while shopping, or on a bike: they adapt to any need!

Don’t say goodbye to your passions

If the cold prevents you from training or dedicating yourself to the activities you love, the Toe Warmer is the solution for you: just remove the adhesive film and adhere the foot warmer to the outside of the sock. In a few minutes the toe warmer will start to warm up and you will be free to move at your best!

You can train as long as you want: the heat lasts 6H +!

Many professionals have already chosen us

Many professionals have already chosen our Toe Warmers and not only in the sports field. Even the police and the Italian army use our warmers to keep their performance standards high.